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A Peek into the Past: Part 1

'Nuff said

In response to Lauren at Wearing History’s post about old photos and dating them, I wish to submit just a few of my own photos to share. I have hundreds in the entire collection, of which I am in the process of preserving for my family. It seems I am the only one who cares to preserve them, so that’s what I am doing, photo by photo. I hope that you enjoy these shots as much as I do. There are more to come.

Please respect my ownership of these images; please do NOT post or share them without my permission AND a credit to me, and please do not claim these as your own. Thank you. 🙂

A Peek into the Past: Part 1

Most of these photos are of the same people, especially one woman in particular, whom I believe is the actual relative. I am thinking they took a bunch of pictures as they went on some vacation. I have more of this group.

They look like they're smoking. The one on the right is the relative, I think.

Posing. 1930s?

I don't know what they're doing, but they look way overdressed to be doing it.


You'll notice the lady with the glasses again, too.




And here’s a different one altogether , one I suspect is more early 20th century (teens?):

Family photo? I love the roses they are standing beside! Very "glamis castle" type.


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