Redhead Rosie

How one modern Rosie manages work, love, family, and everything in between….

About Redhead Lynn and the Redhead Rosie blog

My name is Lynn and I am an INTP. That’s the Myers-Briggs equivalent of ADD. Which means, in real life, that I love everything, I love learning about everything, and I can generally see other people’s points of view, even if I don’t agree with it. Which means, for me, that it’s very hard to stick to anything, because everything is so exciting! Well, except servers… my eyes will glaze over faster than a hot sticky bun if you start describing servers to me.

While I don’t enjoy servers, I do enjoy a lot of things. My father is a scientist in the pharmaceutical field, so I grew up talking about medicine and scientific topics as after-dinner conversation. My mother was the creative sort, so I got that from her. I am very type-A, but not as left-brained as my brother to make left-brained jobs like chemistry very appealing. I am also not right-brained enough to be as creative as I’d like. I’m not a very good pattern designer, nor am I very good at painting. I am just good enough to enjoy sewing, but not good enough to be as fabulous as I’d like to be.
What I do love most is working with my hands. I love sewing, building things. I love the idea of making something practical for much cheaper than I can ever buy. I also love the idea of being able to make what isn’t available elsewhere (like vintage-styled clothes). So right now (2012) I am going to school with my boyfriend to be an auto mechanic. I can work with my hands, solve problems, and at least make a living. I am excited at the prospect of having as my career something that not many women even think of doing, and I am even more excited to share that opportunity with my partner. It does make me feel a bit like a modern Rosie, hence the inspiration for this blog!

What else do I love? I love classic fashion, the 1930s-1940s, what I call “inter-war jazz”, all types of music, painting, writing, sewing, woodworking, gardening (roses!!), cars, medicine, legal topics, philosophy, fashion (past and present, but mostly just classic), and being a redhead (henna loveliness!). I love so many things, and my blog is an attempt to mingle my interests (especially automotives and retro fashion and sewing) with my personal struggles as a mom, girlfriend, student, and worker.
I am a divorced mother of three. Two children are from a difficult prior marriage, and one is from my current relationship with a great guy I refer to as “Sasquatch” on this blog. I call him that because he is very tall, very muscular, and, well, hairy. He has been great through all of my divorce drama, and he has a very big heart. He shares a love of all things hands-on, and generally lets me dabble in my creative interests.

This blog is an attempt to help other women (whom I affectionately call “Rosies”) with their struggles to balance work, love, parenting, fashion, and hobbies, all while still keeping their heads high and their spirits strong. I want to share with women my passions, and hopefully encourage someone else to keep their chin up. This blog is also a way for me to sort of release everything that interests me in one location…and hopefully someone else will enjoy what I enjoy.


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