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School Orientation and Sewing Goals

         School Orientation

Well, yesterday Sasquatch and I went to orientation at our local tech school. As I have mentioned earlier, we are both attending school to get a certificate in Automotive Technology, and hope to eventually open our own shop. Orientation was about as good as orientation can be, which is to say that it was tedious and generally provided no real information. But it was mandatory, so we went. We had hoped to receive our books and uniforms before school started, but apparently they do that the first day of class. Now I have attended a few schools in my time, due to what I call my “divorce drama”, as well as due to changing my mind regarding what I feel is the best career path for me AND my family long-term. I have attended two public schools and another private school in addition to this tech school. Compared to the public schools, I like that the feel is more intimate, and the school is geared just for you and your field. Much like the other private school I attended (a health fields one, mostly nursing), the school is geared for those in a specific career, so the students who attend are generally serious about the field. Unlike that other school, I won’t spend every.single.class with the same thirty people; the classes rotate in students, apparently, with up to thirty students in a classroom. Classes are one per month as opposed to three to five per semester, which I really, really like. At least in theory anyway!

We start school this week, which means my children also return to a beloved daycare provider this week, as opposed to staying home with me all day. My son is in speech therapy, and being with other children will benefit him. His speech has reverted some since being removed from the daycare by their dad (they used to attend 3 days a week, for free), so I hope that the change on my days with the kids will help him. My daughter starts kindergarten this year, so hopefully the change to daycare will help her socialize with other children. She has displayed some bad behavior with sharing since being removed from daycare, which has to do with the current provider’s preference of my daughter over my son. Hopefully the changes will bring back all the positive growth we had seen when we first started sending the kids to the daycare provider last year.

Now at orientation, I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only female attending the tech school. The orientation itself was for various programs (auto, diesel, collision, etc), so I don’t know how many were in my particular program. Some may be attending nights, too, like Sasquatch is, so I may still end up being the only female in my classes. But it is encouraging to see women apply themselves to technical fields. I would say that there are about as many women in the tech programs as there were men in the nursing program I attended. And having the opposite sex in the field is a good thing, in my opinion! Men and women think different, and approach problems differently, which may mean better results overall.

Sewing Goals

My glamorous sewing space

Now on to the fun stuff: Sewing! I love to sew. I love seeing what other people create…and what other people create is usually a heck of a lot better than my creations. There are so many amazingly talented people on the web, and I am always inspired to see what others are making.

If you aren’t a part of Sew Weekly, give it a go! I joined the “Sew Weekly” challenge, which means…I am committing myself to sew weekly. So my goals for this week are:

1) Sew a doll dress form to display items on my etsy shop

2) Sew some outfits for said shop (this week: denim skirt and jacket with a tee shirt)

3) Sew an outfit for court, with a matching outfit for my daughter and her doll.

Okay, so my daughter isn’t going to court. But she IS thrilled to have a dress that matches both Mommy and her doll.

The dress I want to make for myself (for court) is from Butterick 4443, probably in a gray for Winter. I also have to match my black sweater and my black flats, so something neutral is in order:

Butterick 4443

For my daughter, this dress, also from Butterick, is perfect:

Butterick 4718

"Birthday Dress" from the 2010's collection

For her doll, I am making a Bunny Bear pattern called “Birthday Dress”. Her patterns, while much more expensive than Liberty Jane, are high quality. I am also happy to know that the income from her patterns goes to her, and not some middle person.

So I have a lot of sewing to do. Court is at the end of the month (actually, 13 days), so I have to get a move on my dress! I am mostly making a dress because I haven’t yet lost enough weight to fit into my nicer clothing. My stomach is shrinking, slowly, but not quite fast enough to fit into things. And my weight is dropping slowly, too…just too slowly for court. Ugh. I’ve lost half the weight, but the other half is going to be slow until my doctor clears me to work out.

Well, duty calls! I am off to get doing everything I have to do….


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