Redhead Rosie

How one modern Rosie manages work, love, family, and everything in between….


About “Redhead Lynn” and the “Redhead Rosie” Blog

My name is Lynn and I am an INTP. That’s the Myers-Briggs equivalent of ADD. Which means, in real life, that I love everything, I love learning about everything, and I can generally see other people’s points of view, even if I don’t agree with it. Which means, for me, that it’s very hard to stick to anything, because everything is so exciting! Well, except servers… my eyes will glaze over faster than a hot sticky bun if you start describing servers to me.

Anyway. I enjoy doing a lot of things. My father is a scientist in the pharmaceutical field, so I grew up talking about medicine and scientific topics as after-dinner conversation. My mother was the creative sort, so I got that from her. I am very type-A, but not as left-brained as my brother to make left-brained jobs like chemistry very appealing. I am also not right-brained enough to be as creative as I’d like. I’m not a very good pattern designer, nor am I very good at painting. I am just good enough to enjoy sewing, but not good enough to be as fabulous as I like.
What I do love most is working with my hands. I love sewing, building things. I love the idea of making something practical for much cheaper than I can ever buy. I also love the idea of being able to make what isn’t available elsewhere (like vintage-styled clothes). So right now (2012) I am going to school with my boyfriend to be an auto mechanic. I can work with my hands, solve problems, and at least make a living.

What else do I love? I love classic fashion, the 1930s-1940s, what I call “inter-war jazz”, all types of music, painting, writing, sewing, woodworking, gardening (roses!!), cars, medicine, legal topics, philosophy, fashion (past and present, but mostly just classic), and being a redhead (henna loveliness!). I love so many things, and my blog is an attempt to mingle my interests (especially automotives and retro fashion and sewing) with my personal struggles as a mom, girlfriend, student, and worker.
I am a divorced mother of three. Two children are from a difficult prior marriage, and one is from my current relationship with a great guy I refer to as “Sasquatch” on this blog. I call him that because he is very tall, very muscular, and, well, hairy. He has been great through all of my divorce drama, and he has a very big heart. He shares a love of all things hands-on, and generally lets me dabble in my creative interests.

This blog is an attempt to help other working mothers (whom I affectionately call “Rosies”) with their struggles to balance work, love, parenting, and fashion, while still keeping their heads high and their spirits strong. I want to share with women my passions, and hopefully encourage someone else to keep their chin up. This blog is also a way for me to sort of release everything that interests me in one location…and hopefully someone else will enjoy what I enjoy.

I love hearing from my friends that read this blog, so please comment or contact me!
Feel free to link to my page ( I would love to know if you do, so I can check out your site, also! I love hearing from and reading about like-minded individuals.

About ads and reviews: As of January 2012, “Redhead Rosie” is ad-free, except for links to my etsy shop, “Redhead Lynn Designs”. If you feel that my work has helped you or if you are feeling generous, please donate to my blog by clicking here, or on the “Help a Rosie Out” page.

Any reviews I do, at this point, are of my own volition and are my honest opinion. I do not, as of January 2012, receive products from anyone, and if I do, I will disclose that information. I am not endorsed by any outside party or brand to say or promote anything.

Rosie Slang

Here are some terms I use on my blog:

Rosie – that’s you, girlie! A Rosie is a reader who has to juggle everything in her life. She has work, school, crafts. She has family obligations (no matter her age). She is trying to manage her love life and still maintain her sense of self, too. She is woman, and yes, she is that fabulous. You are a Rosie, and yes, “YOU CAN DO IT!”

Sasquatch– That’s my boyfriend.

SuperDad– That’s my ex. Let’s not talk about him, mmm-kay?

Little Man #1/#2- My sons.


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